The Legacy of SAVE

The SAVE (Solent Achieving Value through Efficiency) research project ran in Kings Worthy from January 2017 to December 2018, looking at the best ways to communicate energy reduction and peak shifting messages to local residents. The project was funded by Ofgem through the Low Carbon Network Fund and led by SSEN.

Connecting Kings Worthy (CKW) emerged as a local community-led group from the work of the project.  Looking forward, CKW will continue to be used as a local branding for promoting energy saving messages, alongside activities to promote wider social benefit through the many local organisations and groups active in Kings Worthy.

Our longer term commitments include building on the neutrality of the CKW brand to see it used to underpin the ‘specialness’ of Kings Worthy as an active and ‘connected’ community. Specifically we want to:

  • Actively use the CKW brand to continue to promote both energy saving and wider environmental messages, including those started through SAVE;
  • See the Group continue to meet on a quarterly basis to provide a focus and drive to ensure the brand continues to be used/developed;
  • Use the CKW brand at upcoming Church and School fairs to promote specific community wide energy/environmental messages linked to the development of the ‘eco’ Church and school curriculum in the first instance;
  • Build on St Mary’s Church’s aim to become an ‘eco’ church and make the wider community aware of the background and potential impact along with opportunities for reinforcing energy and environmental messages/action;
  • Maintain use of the CKW website and Facebook page to promote associated local activity;
  • Build on our local visioning work to create exemplar community buildings where the community can see for themselves the difference energy efficiency measures can make through, for example, Solar PV and a public display unit;
  • Continue to look at the opportunity to develop a ‘Sustainable Kings Worthy’ strategy which all groups could independently adopt as part of their ‘Business as usual’ practice;
  • Work with the SSEN Customer Relations Team to update the parish resilience plan;
  • See the development of a SAVE phone app as a legacy of the project which would have a simple slide calculator to show impact in money saved on  energy efficient actions undertaken for example slow cookers, shorter showers etc.  This would require ongoing, external support;
  • Continue to receive support from WinACC for on the ground help to enable the group to deliver on these aspirations.