Slow cooker chocolate and pear pudding

Slow Cooker Chocolate Pudding – very quick and easy

1 can of Tinned pears (qrted in Juice ideally)

100 grams Self Raising Flour or Gluten Free Self Raising flour

25 gr Ground Almonds

25grams Cocoa Powder

½ teaspoon Baking powder

150grams of butter or margarine

100 grams soft brown sugar

2 large eggs beaten

Grease the bowl of the slow cooker and line the base with greaseproof paper

(If you have a very large slow cooker (6 litres+)  you can double up the recipe and freeze half for another time)

Drain the tinned pears and arrange at the bottom of the slow cooker

Cream the butter and Sugar

Add the beaten eggs a little at a time with a spoon of the flour if it looks slightly curdled

Add the rest of the ingredients and mix to a soft batter

Spoon over the pears

Set the slow cook to high with the lid on and cook for 2-2 ½ hours.

If it looks springy and a skewer comes out clean turn off the slow cooker and leave for a few minutes with the lid off to let any moisture around the sides escape.

Either spoon straight into bowls and serve with ice cream or when slightly cooler you can turn the slow cooker bowl upside down and put onto a presentation plate.